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Object compilation (Oracle DBMS)

Compiler Window Structure

The compiler allows you to fix errors, fix errors in the code, and also view the list of errors for all objects.

CerebroSQL - Oracle compile invalid obje

Object tree (queries)

Tree of objects in Invalid status . 

  • Root nodes - schema name

select owner "Owner",
      count(*) "Count"
 from ALL_OBJECTS where status='INVALID'
group by owner order by 1 

  • Child nodes of the first level - types of objects

select object_type "Type",
      count(*) "Count"
where status='INVALID'
  and owner='$$SCHEMA_NAME'
group by object_type
order by 1

  • Child nodes of the second level - objects in the status ' Invalid '

select object_name "Name"
where status='INVALID'
  and object_type='$$OBJECT_TYPE'
  and owner = '$$SCHEMA_NAME'
group by object_name
order by 1 

Object code editor

  • In the tree " Tree invalid object " select an object

  • Press the button " Show code selected object "

IMPORTANT: the create or replace construct must be absent from the text in the "Code invalid object" field

List " Error list " - contains one line for each error in the text of the object. When clicked, the cursor is moved to the line with an error in the field " Code invalid object "

"List all errors" tab

Used to view information on errors in database objects. The list can be sorted by scheme, object type 

Compiling objects
  • In the " Tree invalid object " tree, select the desired level (scheme, object type, object)

  • Press the " Run compile " button

The compilation process is monitored in the " Program Monitor "

Oracle compile invalid object
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