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Configuring a connection to the PostgreSQL DBMS

The procedure for creating a connection to the PostgreSQL DBMS for its further use by both the monitoring system core, the query editor, and other program modules

Create a connection

You must first create a tree structure according to the instructions in the section "Buttons and connection tree management"

  • Select the node in the tree where you want to create a connection

  • Press the button '"Create new connect"

  • In field "Connection alias" enter a unique name within the node

  • From the drop down list "Database type" choose "PostgreSQL"

  • In field "VendorHome" leave blank

  • In field "VendorLib" specify the full path to the library libpq.dll. The path must be specified if it is necessary to use a PostgreSQL "client" other than the default one used by the program

  • In field "TNS_ADMIN" leave blank

  • In field "Comment" add connection description (optional)

Connection options
  • From the drop down list "Parameter name" select parameter name

  • In field "value" enter parameter value

  • Add parameter by clicking "Add parameter"

  • To delete a parameter, press the "Delete parameter"

To test the connection, click the "Testing connect"

To save the connection, click the "Save"

Description of parameters and possible values


TCP/IP address or hostname of the server where the server is running PostgreSQL.



The TCP/IP port that the server is listening on PostgreSQL.



The name of the current database to connect to. If no database is specified, the current database is not configured.



User ID PostgreSQL.



User password PostgreSQL.

character set


The default character set for the connection.

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