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Configuring fast launch programs 

The module is used to configure the quick launch of third-party applications with certain parameters


Create external link

Link creation

  • Press the " Create " button

  • In the " Group name " field, enter the name of the group or select a previously saved one from the drop-down list

  • In the " Alias " field, enter an alias for the entry. This information is displayed in the menu of the main window.

  • In the " Program name " field, enter the name of the program to be launched.  programs

  • In the " Exe path " field, specify the full path to the executable file to be launched

  • In the " Parameter start " field, enter the keys to run the executable file

  • In the " Comment " field, enter a comment if necessary

  • Save the connection by pressing the " Save " button


List exec link
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