History of completed requests

The program stores all executed queries in a local database (table c$query_history)

History View Window
Query history.jpg
Control buttons
Send a request to the active window of the query editor
Copy the request text to the clipboard
Save request text to file
Send a request to the project manager to add data
Increase font
Decrease font
History Search
  • Field "Date begin" - limits the search by date (minimum value)

  • Field "Date end" - limits the search by date (maximum value)

  • Field "Database name" - the name of the database, limit the search for queries executed in a specific database

  • The "Search text" field is the search string/part of the string. To search by a set of conditions, the delimiter |

Example: select|dba|declare

a query containing 3 specified keywords will be searched. 

The search is case independent.

Double clicking on a line in the "Query list" adds a query to the active editor sheet.

Block "Details" - detailed information about the executed request, execution status, duration, ...