CerebroSQL main window (database monitoring)

Monitoring the operation of the Oracle database. Collection and processing of 42 database parameters allows you to quickly identify the problem area and take the necessary measures to correct the problem.


Dashboard - provides quick access to the main modules of the program


Main monitoring core

monitoring rdbms oracle - core.jpg

window structure

Menu - left.jpg


"Open" - quick jump to open windows
"Monitoring" - creating database monitoring tasks
"Data transfer" - setting up ETL flows
"MDM" - structured data storage
"Settings" - program settings
"Log" - program operation log
"SQL developer" - query editor

"Lock program" - lock the program
"Exit" - exit the job 

Top Menu
Menu - top.jpg


  • Refresh - refresh data by metrics

  • Transaction - Information on transactions in the Oracle database

  • Top SQL - Information on queries that create the maximum load on the Oracle database

  • Session - session manager in Oracle database

  • Active SQL - Oracle ASH Viewer

  • Parameter editor - editor of Oracle database parameters

  • Error log - error manager

Oracle DB health metrics
Meaning of metrics in the main CerebroSQL window


For a detailed description, see the "Oracle DB health metrics" section.


History of active sessions by classes of expectations

The graph is a display of summary information in the context of waiting classes by active sessions