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AWR report generator

Automatic Workload Repositoryis a set of internal data dictionary tablesOracle databaseand a special background process MMON which appeared in Oracle 10g.

Periodically AWR creates a statistical copy (snapshot) and saves information in tables located in the tablespace SYSAUX. By default, the regular collection period is set to 60 minutes. This value can be reduced to 10 minutes if desired.

AWR General

Opening a window

Show AWR report from Oracle

  • Main program window - Action menu - AWR

  • Query Editor - Management Menu - Create AWR

Create a report

  • From the Start_id drop-down list, select the ID of the snapshot from which to generate the report

  • From the End_id drop-down list, select the snapshot ID, ending with which to generate a report

  • Press the Show button

select *


               (select dbid from v$database),





The generated report will be placed in the tmp folder with the name_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_awrtmp.html , and also saved in the local database in the table  CND$AWR_REPORT (CoreDB.db database)

Viewing a previously saved report


In the List AWR list, select the report of interest

Report Comparison


The program allows you to manually compare two previously generated reports.

  • Generate reports for arbitrary periods

  • In the "List AWR" list, set the radio buttons opposite the generated reports

  • Press the "Compare select" button

Compare AWR
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