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Allows you to create and store complex and unique passwords for servers, databases, sites.

Генератор паролей

Password generator

Настройка сложности создаваемых паролей и их количества

Serves to create complex, unique passwords of a given length and complexity

CerebroSQL - generate password list
Setting the complexity of generated passwords and their number
  • Count password - the number of generated unique passwords

  • Count char - password length

  • Parameter

    • Lower - the password includes lowercase characters

    • Number - password contains numbers

    • Special - the password contains special characters

    • Upper - password contains uppercase characters

Password list

Password vault

Password vault editor.

The editor allows you to create and store passwords for various systems and services in the form of a structured tree. 

CerebroSQL - tree password list
Кнопки управления

Control buttons

  • "Create parent"  - Open tree folder editor 

  • "Insert parent" - Add a node as a child of the currently selected node

  • "Create list" - Create a password sheet at the current selected level in the tree

  • "Delete object" - Delete object (folder can be deleted if it has no child objects)

  • "Move object" - Move the selected sheet to another node

  • "Refresh" - Refresh tree 

Создание листа для хранения пароля

Create a password storage sheet

Passwords are stored in a structured tree

  • Create a folder

    • Press the " Create parent " button ​

    • In the field " Value " enter the name of the future folder

    • Press the " Save " button  

  • Change the value of a previously created entry​

    • ​Click " Create parent " button​

    • Select an entry in the list " List value "

    • Enter a new value in the " Edit value " field

    • Press the " Save " button

CerebroSQL - create new parent

  • Adding a folder in the tree

    • Press " Insert parent " button

    • In the list " Parent list " highlight the line

    • Press " Insert parent " button

    • After adding a record, the data in the tree is not updated, you must update the tree manually

  • Create a sheet

    • Press the " Create list " button

    • Field " Cript|descript password " if the field contains a master password, an additional password encryption mechanism will be activated. To view the entered password, press the Ctrl button. Important: password must be at least 10 characters long

    • In the field " Caption " enter the name of the sheet (displayed in the tree)

    • From the drop-down list " Icon " select the icon of the sheet displayed in the tree

    • Enter your username in the User field

    • In the " Password " field, enter a password or generate a random password with the " Generate password " button

      • Buttons​

        • view password​

        • generate a new random password

        • " Encrypted " check - set automatically if the field " Cript|descript password " is filled

    • In the " URL " field, enter a web address if available

    • In the " Comment " field, enter a description if desired

    • Press the " Save " button

CerebroSQL - view password
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