Extensions installed by PostgreSQL database

The node displays information about installed extensions in the database  PostgreSQL , as well as detailed information about them and allows you to install / remove them

PostgreSQL extension list.jpg

select ex.oid, 
       cast(ex.extconfig as text) "extconfig",
       cast(ex.extcondition as text) "extcondition"
  from pg_catalog.pg_extension ex,
       pg_catalog.pg_user u
where ex.extowner = u.usesysid

Extension editor

The editor allows you to install / remove the default extensions supplied with the contrib package

Postgresql extension installer.jpg
Query to retrieve data

select e.name, 
  from pg_catalog.pg_available_extensions e

Installing an extension
  • Highlight extension with status "no added"

  • Press the "Install" button

create extension ____;

Removing an extension
  • Select extension with status "added"

  • Press the "Remove" button

drop extension ____;