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Procedures in PostgreSQL database

List of procedures in the selected database schema PostgreSQL. The list can be filtered by entering part of the table name in the "Like name object"

PostgreSQL procedure list
  • Drop procedure  - generate a command code for deleting a procedure 

  • Set search_path - generate a command to specify the search path procedure

  • Set schema - generate a command to move the procedure to another schema

  • Rename - generate a command to rename a procedure 

  • Owner to - generate a command to change the owner of the procedure 

  • Call code - generate a command to call a procedure (select command)

  • Get DDL - generate procedure creation code 

List of procedures

SELECT p.oid, n.nspname AS schema_name 
      ,(SELECT rolname FROM pg_roles WHERE oid = p.proowner) "owner"
     ,p.proname AS function_name
     ,pg_get_function_arguments(p.oid) AS args 
FROM pg_catalog.pg_proc p 
JOIN   pg_catalog.pg_namespace n ON n.oid = p.pronamespace
WHERE     n.nspname = $$SCHEMANAME
 and prokind = 'p'
order by p.proname


select pg_get_functiondef($$OID)

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