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Query editor hints

A hint is a hint to the editor engine to perform additional actions.

Each hint must be on a separate line, separator ; indicated at the end.

Query editor - hint


  • print_on  - enable output of information to the Output tab of the current sheet of the query editor.

Information is not displayed in the grid, the program opens the cursor, bypasses the entire data set and displays information in the field, then closes the cursor

  • print_off  - disable the output of information to the Output window of the current sheet

  • clear_out  - clear the Output tab

  • colname_on  - Show output column names

  • colname_off  - Do not show output column names (default)

  • cstr('')  - Output the string in brackets. The string must be surrounded by single quotes

  • delim()  - add the delimiter specified in brackets for lines in the output. Any character, string, digits can be used as a separator. Single quotes are not required

  • qpr_on  - enable the output of the text of the completed request

  • qpr_off  - disable the output of the text of the completed request (default)

  • rdelim_on  - display column separator in output

  • rdelim_off  - do not display column separator in output (default)

  • snum_on  - add line numbering in the output

  • snum_off  - do not show line numbering in the output (default)

  • qset  - creating a global variable for the sheet. A variable is a pair: variable name = value. Both parameters are of type - Text.

command format:

qset('variable name','value');


IMPORTANT: Variable names must differ by the first characters, not the last, i.e.


  1. qset('str','value 1');

  2. qset('2str','value 2');  


  1. qset('str','value 1');

  2. qset('str2','value 2');  

Using a Variable in Query Text

To use a variable with the query text, you must specify its name in the format ##varname

Using qset

  • qunset  - delete global variable. Command format: qunset('variable name')

Viewing Set Variables

To view the set variables, you must use the tile memory structure viewer

General menu -  View list info (memory data)

Select " Lists " in the tree

View list info
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