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[begin_label:] BEGIN
END [end_label]

BEGIN ... END syntax is used for writing compound statements, which can
appear within stored programs (stored procedures and functions,
triggers, and events). A compound statement can contain multiple
statements, enclosed by the BEGIN and END keywords. statement_list
represents a list of one or more statements, each terminated by a
semicolon (;) statement delimiter. The statement_list itself is
optional, so the empty compound statement (BEGIN END) is legal.

BEGIN ... END blocks can be nested.

Use of multiple statements requires that a client is able to send
statement strings containing the ; statement delimiter. In the mysql
command-line client, this is handled with the delimiter command.
Changing the ; end-of-statement delimiter (for example, to //) permit ;
to be used in a program body. For an example, see

A BEGIN ... END block can be labeled. See [HELP labels].



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