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SQLite: connection manager

Operating procedure

The connection manager allows you to set up persistent connections to SQLite databases for later use in the query editor

SQLite connection manager
Database list

List of previously saved SQLite database connections.

The indicator displays the availability of the database (physical access to the file)

Create a new connection
  • Attach as - alias under which the database will be connected

  • Database file - path to the SQLite database file. 

If the database is encrypted,

  • Mode - encryption protocol

  • Database password - database password

The program implements the ability to backup SQLite databases from the program interface after connecting it to the sheet, to use the functionality, fill in the fields:

Specify the path to the backup file in the "Backup file" field

If you need to encrypt a backup:

  • Mode (bkp) - encryption mode

  • Database password (bkp) - password

  • Save the connection by clicking the "Save" button

Attach datadase SQLite

Manager for connecting saved databases to the current sheet. 

By default, there are 4 program databases in the list

  • ASH  - storage of information on the activity of sessions in the database, the work of which is monitored by the main core of the program

  • CONNECT  - storage, for tables with connection data with different DBMS, the work with which the program supports

  • CORE  - the main base of the program

  • EXIST  - a database that stores information on monitoring the operation of databases through the mechanism for monitoring the operation of the "Cloud"  


You can connect to any number of bases at the same time

  • Check the boxes next to the required bases

  • Press the " Attach " button

Attach database SQLite saved
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