Version history


Query editor
  • Multiple editor improvements for MySQL DBMS

  • Updated DBMS connection managers

  • Updated interface

  • Added icons to sheets

  • Added the ability to filter the list of loaded objects into the tree by the like condition

Main window
  • Updated menu interface

PostgreSQL Query Editor
  • Fixed a bug with processing anonymous do block

Query editor for SQLite databases
  • Fixed a bug in the database backup via the Attach menu in the tree


  • Add: Unlocked style manager. The style of the program components is controlled at the ini level of the program file. Parameters:

    • style is the default style. If the parameter is not specified, the Glossy style is used

    • trstyle - the style of the TreeView components. If the parameter is not specified, the default style is used

    • pcstyle - the style of the PageControl components. If the parameter is not specified, the default style is used

    • btstyle - Button component style. If the parameter is not specified, the default style is used

    • lvstyle - the style of the ListView components. If the parameter is not specified, the default style is used


Bugfix: fixed a bug when viewing view data from the context menu in the query editor

Error log

Bugfix: fixed bug when saving description of bug fix (changes were not saved)


Bugfix: fixed error displaying the menu for the "TABLESPACE" node after expanding it in the query editor

Bugfix: Fixed bug with displaying descriptions of ORA bug fixes - ***** in the query editor

Add: Changed the table for storing data of the "core" and query editor connections (completed the validation of the ConDB database structure)

Export/Import data to/from csv

Bugfix: fixed bug when exporting data for SQLite

Add: saving the history of operations performed

Add: view the history of operations performed

The list of the supported styles and the order of transferring data on connections from the old table to the new one in the file " Info.txt "


  • Allowed multiple selection of nodes in the tree at the same level

  • for all selected nodes, a code from the menu is generated

  • Tuning the code, fixing the identified errors

  • Index manager - interface rewritten

  • Compile invalid - improved interface / functionality

  • New menu items for different tree nodes


  • User, Role Editor

  • Fixed generation of table creation code

  • New menu items for different tree nodes

  • Wizard for creating/editing tables

  • For tables, foreign nodes are displayed (a list of columns to which this table refers) ForeignTo (a list of tables referring to the columns of the current table)


Query editor for MSSQL DBMS
  • Table menu: Copy full name - copy the full table name to the clipboard (base.schema.table)

  • Table menu: Copy current name - copy the table name to the clipboard

  • ALT + F4 - Show the code for creating the selected object

Query editor
  • Block comment - comment out the selected text with symbols / * and * /

Document storage
  • Links to other documents from the document: the latest version of the document opens

  • Updated interface

  • Accelerated work

  • New controls

Master Data (MDM)

Storage of cards of arbitrary structure. Suitable for organizing any information that can be presented in the form of a card. Cards are created in the designer


Query editor
  • Unified manager for import / export of data to / from CSV file / s

  • Fixed a bug blocking the use of MSSQL code syntax for other DBMS

  • Context menu: Copy column list (select) - copy to the clipboard the list of columns of the selected table in the select query format (only Oracle)

  • Context menu: Copy column list (insert) - copy to the clipboard the list of columns of the selected table in the insert command format (only Oracle)

  • Removed deprecated interface elements

Query Editor for MSSQL
  • Improved " MSSQL Monitor "

  • Code revision: removed obsolete parts of the code, optimized the performance of the kernel code

  • Disabled minimizing the program to tray

2020.11 [1]
Query editor
  • New context menu for the query editor

    • copy

    • past

    • cut

    • view table - view detailed information about the table

    • Get DDL - generate table creation code

    • Show command help - show the description of the selected command

    • Show object data - show data of the selected table, view, synonym

    • Project manager -> Add project - will add the code to the project created in the project manager. The project must be previously created, a release added and a task created

    • Project manager -> Search object card - display the object card from the project manager

    • Comment -> ... - add, remove line comment characters, selected lines

  • Added automatic adjustment of column width to data width after query execution

Query Editor for Oracle DBMS
  • Numerous changes, improvements in the object tree.

  • Added new menu items for different nodes

  • Database connection manager - added the ability to change the password before connecting to the database

  • Determining the line and position in the request text with an error while executing the request. Information is written as a separate comment in the " Messages " field. The line is marked with a separate icon.

2020.10 [4]
  • Unified program design

Query editor
  • Fixed error " List index out of bounds (0) " that occurred before executing some commands in the editor (without affecting the command execution)

  • QSET command - creates a global sheet variable. A variable is a pair: name = value. Variables are set for each sheet separately. Before executing each query, keywords are searched in the format ## variable name and the found variables are replaced with a value

  • structure wizard in sheet parameter memory

  • optimized the speed of the interface and animation


MS SQL Server Query Editor
  • Added counting of the number of keywords " begin ", " end; " for create commands.

  • MS SQL Monitor

    • List of required indexes with commands to create

    • Session expectations statistics

Local database manager
  • Added " CHECKDB " command - check the structure of the local program databases

2020.10 [3]
  • finalization of the program interface

  • module optimization

2020.10 [2]
PostgreSQL Query Editor
  • added node " STANDBY STATUS "

  • added " FOREIGN SERVER " node

Command description editor
  • updated interface

  • added import of package with default data at program start

  • added the ability to store command descriptions for different versions of the DBMS

  • updated interface (partially code) of many program modules, improved performance

  • automatic import of session expectation descriptions in Oracle DBMS at program start

  • automatic import at the start of the program of descriptions of errors of the ORA- * family and how to fix them

  • automatic import at the start of the command description program with code examples for Oracle DBMS (130 commands), MySQL DBMS (494 commands / keywords / symbols), PostgreSQL DBMS (167 commands)

  • program interface update

Oracle Database Table Statistics Update Manager
  • updated interface

  • expanded functionality

  • improved performance

  • the execution status is displayed in the main window

Added in 2020.10 [1]
Query editor
  • alt + c - "comment out" the selected (or current) lines

  • alt + v - remove "comment" from the selected (or current) lines

  • added the ability to add / remove 3 different types of characters at the beginning of selected lines through the window menu

  • redesigned editor window menu

Query Editor [PostgreSQL]
  • After connecting the sheet of the query editor, the version of the PostgreSQL cluster and the PID of the main process are displayed in the root record of the object tree.

  • For versions> = 11, the PROCEDURE node is displayed in the OBJECT node

  • Updated the logic of the code hint, added output of functions, procedures, domains, sequences, materialized views

  • For the pg_catalog schema, you can disable the output of system functions in the code hint (do not output by default)

  • Changed parameters of the plan formation

  • New menus for different nodes

  • Changed icons for a number of objects in the tree

Query Editor [MS SQL Server]

  • disabled "native" syntax, use the go command on a separate line to separate commands

  • support teams:

    • select, insert, update, delete, set, exec, execute, create, commit, use, drop, print, declare, reconfigure, alter, kill, grant, revoke, show, backup, if, dbcc, merge, restore

  • support for MS SQL scripts

  • query plan

Version 2020.9

  • Transfer data (lite) - a simple ETL engine for transferring data between different DMSs (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL)

Query Editor:
  • Optimized code

  • Added new menu items (mainly for PostgreSQL), tree branches.

Version 2020.5.2

Query editor
  • Fixed a bug that appeared when the window was resized while executing a request

  • Fixed error displaying code when pressing ctrl + f4

  • Fixed "Division by zero" error that sometimes occurred when working with PostgreSQL

Version 2020.5

  • Minor fixes, code improvements

  • Accelerated loading of the program (several times)

  • Reduced memory consumption by 30%

Query Editor (General)
  • The maximum number of sheets in the editor is increased to 30

Query editor for SQLite databases
  • Fixed error when viewing database parameters in the object tree

PostgreSQL Query Editor
  • Added call command support

  • Unified database manager (management of parameters, sessions, locks, statistics, comprehensive server status screen)

  • Connection Manager - moved to sheet

    • added grouping by type (specified independently)

    • drop-down list with all supported encodings

  • Changed icons, buttons, increased size

Launching third-party programs
  • Updated interface

  • Added group. The entries in the main menu are grouped

Query alias editor
  • Updated interface

  • Optimized performance when using alias in the query editor

Query editor
  • Optimized operation of OPENLIST procedure for data transfer using a connection of another sheet

  • When requests are executed, the message " Request is running " is displayed in the grid

User Documentation Repository
  • Added opening documents on a separate sheet in read-only mode

  • Added a link to copy the document search key for pasting into other documents

Storage manager
  • Improved interface

  • Fixed a bug in generating commands for creating table spaces

Connecting to servers
  • Fixed bug when clicking in an empty space in the server list

  • Changed data storage structure in the database

Error log
  • Converted to error manager. Allows you to add error descriptions for different DBMS.

Linux OS (wine)
  • The style manager is disabled, its work causes a fatal error when the program starts and crashes

  • Fixed error "ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined"

Logminer UI
  • Optimized interface

  • Added optimization of the size of columns for the length of the data in them

Scripts storage
  • Updated interface

  • Fixed bug with duplicate entries in the tree