Mode of operation with a central base

Central Database (CDW) - consolidates the operation logs of user copies of the program, allowing administrators to manage a number of program parameters.



Creating roles

Only PostgreSQL version 9 and later can act as the central database.

Installing PostgreSQL DBMS is recommended on a server running Linux

The backup is configuring in accordance with the standards adopted in your organization.

Role in PostgreSQL DB


To create and markup a database in the PostgreSQL DBMS, you must create a user with the rights to create databases


create user cdwuser with createdb password 'password';

Add permission to connect to the DBMS under the created user to the pg_hba.conf file

Reload config:

SELECT pg_reload_conf ();

Base creation and layout

Open the program settings and go to the CDW tab

  • In the "Server" field, enter the name ( ip address) and port on which the PostgreSQL DBMS is running in the format: server: port

  • In the "Database name" field, enter the name of the new database for this storage

  • In the "User" field, enter the name of the created user

  • In the "Password" field, enter the user's password

  • In the "Alias save connect" field, enter the connection alias

  • Press the "Save" button to save the connection parameters

  • Press the "Connect" button to connect to the PostgreSQL server

CerebroSQL - connecting postgresql server

In case of successful connection to PostgreSQL DBMS, the program will check the presence of the database specified in the "Database name" field. If the base is not found, the program will inform you about the need to start the configurator.


Launching the configurator and marking up the database structure

Click the "Configure database" button to launch the Database Creation and Layout Wizard.

Fill in the fields:

  • Global name - a comment to the database being created. Recommendation: the name should be short, in Latin letters.

  • Owner - the name of the database owner (the name of the head of the department in whose area of responsibility the repository is located)

  • Organization - the name of the organization

  • Name of the new tablespace - the name of the default tablespace for the created database (optional)

  • Tablespace path - path to the folder on the server disk (optional)

Press the button "Create database (CDW)"

CerebroSQL - log create new database

Storage manager

To launch the storage manager, click the "Management" button

The nodes in the "Database list" tree are grouped by saved connections. Each entry in the first level represents a connection to the repository. One manager can serve an arbitrary number of data stores

CerebroSQL - CDW management show

Role model

The role model is about granting privileges to roles, not users. In this case, one user can be assigned several roles.

Roles and users are created at the application level, they are not related to roles and users of PostgreSQL DBMS

  • Select the "Role" node in the tree

  • Press the "New" button

  • In the window that opens, enter the name of the new role

  • Save change

  • In the "List role" list, select the name of the created role

  • On the "Privilege (global)" tab, select the role rights

    • Core monitoring - enable the monitoring core

    • Creating your own connect - permission to save your own connections

    • View password database - permission to view passwords to databases

    • Using openlist - permission to use the software link between the windows of the query editor

    • Connect local database - permission to connect to the local databases of the program without entering a password

  • Save role rights by clicking "Save role rights"


Creating users and connecting to the central database

  • Select the "User" node in the tree

  • Click the "Create new user" button

  • From the drop-down list "Tree group" select the name of the group in the tree

    • If necessary, create a new one by clicking the "Create new group" button

  • Enter an alias in the "User alias" field - displayed in the tree

  • Enter the user's full name in the "User full name" field

  • Specify the phone number for communication in the "Phone" field (optional)

  • Select a role in the system from the "Program role" list

  • Specify the password from local databases in the "User password (local database)" field

  • Specify the password to enter the program in the "Program unlock password" field

  • Select the user division from the "Division" drop-down list

    • If necessary, create a new one by clicking the "Create new division" button

  • Select user status in the system

  • If necessary, indicate the date of validity of the user. Account expired block

  • From the "User role" list, select the list of user roles

  • Save the user by clicking the "Save" button

  • Create an INI file to connect to the central database by clicking the "Create ini file" button. The file will be created in the directory .\Config\INI\<User_alias>\CerebroSQL.ini

  • The file must be placed next to the executable file on the user's PC!

CerebroSQL - CDW create new user