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Волнистый абстрактный фон

Mode of operation with a central base

Central Database (CDW) - consolidates the operation logs of user copies of the program, allowing administrators to manage a number of program parameters.



Создание и разметка центральной базы данных

Обновление логики центральной базы данных



Creating roles

Only PostgreSQL version 9 and later can act as the central database.

Installing PostgreSQL DBMS is recommended on a server running Linux

The backup is configuring in accordance with the standards adopted in your organization.

Role in PostgreSQL DB

To create and markup a database in the PostgreSQL DBMS, you must create a user with the rights to create databases


create user cdwuser with createdb password 'password';

Add permission to connect to the DBMS under the created user to the pg_hba.conf file

Reload config:

SELECT pg_reload_conf ();

Создание и разметка базы

Creating and marking up the base

Open the program settings and go to the tabCDW

  • In field server enter name (ipaddress) and port on which the DBMS is running PostgreSQL to the format: server:port

  • In field database name enter the name of the new repository database

  • In field user enter the name of the created user

  • In field Password enter user password

  • In field Alias save connect enter connection alias

  • Press the button Save to save connection settings

  • Press the button Connect to connect to the server PostgreSQL

Important: the database must not exist on the server, the database is created by the program!



In cases of successful connection to the DBMSPostgreSQL, the program will check if the database specified in the database name. If the database is not found, the program will inform you about the need to run the configurator.

Запуск конфигуратора базы данных и разметка структуры

Launching the configurator and marking up the database structure

Press the button Configure database to launch the Database Creation and Markup Wizard.

Fill in the fields:

  • Global name - comment to the database being created. Recommendation: the name should be short, in Latin letters.

  • Owner - the name of the owner of the database (the name of the head of the department in whose area of responsibility the repository is located)

  • Organization - Name of the organization

  • Name of the new tablespace - tablespace name for the created database by default (optional)

  • Tablespace path - path to the folder on the server disk (optional)

Listed Database connection list set the radio button next to the saved connection

Push button Create database (CDW)


On the tab Log make sure there are no structure markup errors

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