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База данных: MySQL



JSON_KEYS(json_doc[, path])

Returns the keys from the top-level value of a JSON object as a JSON
array, or, if a path argument is given, the top-level keys from the
selected path. Returns NULL if any argument is NULL, the json_doc
argument is not an object, or path, if given, does not locate an
object. An error occurs if the json_doc argument is not a valid JSON
document or the path argument is not a valid path expression or
contains a * or ** wildcard.

The result array is empty if the selected object is empty. If the
top-level value has nested subobjects, the return value does not
include keys from those subobjects.

URL: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/json-search-functions.html


mysql> SELECT JSON_KEYS('{"a": 1, "b": {"c": 30}}');
| JSON_KEYS('{"a": 1, "b": {"c": 30}}') |
| ["a", "b"] |
mysql> SELECT JSON_KEYS('{"a": 1, "b": {"c": 30}}', '$.b');
| JSON_KEYS('{"a": 1, "b": {"c": 30}}', '$.b') |
| ["c"] |

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