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ST_PointFromGeoHash(geohash_str, srid)

Returns a POINT value containing the decoded geohash value, given a
geohash string value.

The X and Y coordinates of the point are the longitude in the range
[?180, 180] and the latitude in the range [?90, 90], respectively.

The srid argument is an 32-bit unsigned integer.

The remarks in the description of ST_LatFromGeoHash() regarding the
maximum number of characters processed from the geohash_str argument
also apply to ST_PointFromGeoHash().

ST_PointFromGeoHash() handles its arguments as described in the
introduction to this section.



mysql> SET @gh = ST_GeoHash(45,-20,10);
mysql> SELECT ST_AsText(ST_PointFromGeoHash(@gh,0));
| ST_AsText(ST_PointFromGeoHash(@gh,0)) |
| POINT(45 -20) |

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