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Documentation sections

Documentation will answer all the questions that arise when working with the program, its settings, features of operation

Functional characteristics

  • performance monitoring DBMS Oracle, search for problems at work;

  • work history analysis DBMS Oracle by means of collecting information about the work of sessions in the database and displaying information in the form of graphs and statistics;

  • making changes to database parameters;

  • query editor: writing SQL requests, code development in languages PL\SQLPL\PGSQL and TSQL for DBMS OraclePostgreSQLMySQLMSSQL and SQLite databases;

  • transferring data from "databases/files" to "databases/files" (ETL);

  • structuring the document repository;

  • structuring the information storage in the form of arbitrary forms created in the program in the designer (MDM);

  • script storage;

  • password manager;


Installation, first run

  • Unzip the downloaded archive to a folder on your hard drive or USB drive

  • Run executable CerebroSQL.exe

  • The program will ask you to enter a new password for the local storage. The password is then used to enter the program

  • Wait for the creation of the program folders, local storage and its markup

Program version update

If not specified separately in the Info.txt file supplied with the distribution of each version, then the transition to any new version is to replace the executable file (CerebroSQL.exe)

Correcting errors, making changes to the program 

If errors occur in the operation of the program or if it is necessary to make changes to the behavior of the program (finalization of the functionality):

  • Register on the site

  • Create a topic on the forum by attaching the log of the program, screenshots of the program windows with errors 

Program support

Maintenance of the program is carried out by the users of the program on the basis of the documentation on the website

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