Master Data (MDM)


Description of the " Master-data (MDM) " table

Viewing data in tables is possible through the built-in  query editor for "SQLite" databases

The work in the mode with the central database is supported.
To configure the program to work in this mode, use the following instruction

Master data is a structured catalog of data stored in randomly constructed cards of pages created in the master.

MDM - allows you to structuredly store arbitrary information, descriptions of systems, networks, servers, databases, contacts, products, etc.

MDM supports work both with the local storage of the program and in the mode using a single repository. 

Starting the Master Data Manager


In the main window of the program, click the " Master Data Management " button

CerebroSQL - run master data.jpg
CerebroSQL - master data show.jpg
Control buttons
CerebroSQL - master data control button.

Page creation wizard

Creating root entries for the object tree

Adding a node to a tree

Refresh object tree

Card creation

Refresh the structure of the current card and display the data

Card search

Moving a card to another node

Remove card / empty node


Create a page to store data


Launch the page creation wizard

cerebroSQL - show master create page.jpg
Control buttons
CerebroSQL - create page control button.

Create a new page

Create a directory

Add item to page

Move element to another node

Export / import page

Refresh the page list

Remove item from page


  • Click the " Create new page " button

  • In the " Value " field, enter the name of the page

  • Close the catalog editor window

CerebroSQL - create new page.jpg
Adding an element to the created page

  • Select a page (element on a page) in the "Page structure" list

  • Expand the "Add new element" menu and select the required elements from the list  

CerebroSQL - add new element in page.jpg
Item parameters

To configure the parameters of an element:

  • Select an item in the tree

  • Press the button "Show and edit parameter

  • Save the entered parameters by clicking the "Save" button