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More than just a database!


It is a powerful platform that offers a range of features and tools to help you work with data more efficiently.

Development in SQL languages

Custom forms

Data Wizard Manager

Monitoring the work of Oracle

Document Storage

Password Manager

A powerful tool for analyzing database performance

Our product is a powerful tool that will help you analyze the performance of your databases and identify all problems with it. Visualizing all the instance performance issues will allow you to easily interpret the data and make more informed decisions.

With our product, you can:

  • track key performance metrics;

  • identify bottlenecks in the database;

  • analyze performance trends over time;

  • compare the performance of different instances or database versions.


Designed for database management

Our system is designed for database management and is suitable for developers, administrators and data analysts. We strive to make your work with databases easier by providing user-friendly tools and features that will help you manage and analyze data effectively.

Here are some of the features that we offer:

  • real-time monitoring of the database status;

  • automatic detection and notification of performance issues;

  • setting thresholds for performance metrics;

  • generating performance reports on demand.

We are confident that our product will become an indispensable assistant for everyone who works with databases. It will help you improve work efficiency, reduce risks and ensure the stable operation of your system.

Join us and simplify your work with databases today!

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