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SQL editor for MySQL DBMS

Didn't find the features you need? Write in the comments at forum and we will add the necessary functionality

No additional software is required to work with the DBMS. All required libraries are included

MySQL general


  • Create a new sheet
  • DB connection manager​

Create a new sheet

  1. By pressing the button "New list for MySQL"

  2. File - New - MySQL

  3. Key combination:  Shift+F4

Sheet structure

Create New list for MySQL (mariadb)

Database connection manager

MySQL Connection manager

Connection information is stored in the ConDB.db database in table MYSQL_LIST

Calling the database connection manager

  • press the button "Show connection manager" in the block "connection control"

  • keyboard shortcut Alt+F2  

Previously saved connections are displayed in the "Connection list"

Create a new connection


  • Alias*- enter a connection alias in the tree

  • groupname- enter (select from the list) the name of the group in the tree

  • server- server name (or its IP)

  • port- enter MySQL server port (MariaDB)

  • Login- Username

  • Password- user password

  • Database- database name

  • character set- encoding name (default cp1251)


  • Compress- traffic compression

  • Use SSL- use a secure connection using an SSL certificate

  • SSL_ca- path to the certificate authority file

  • SSL_cert- path to the certificate file

  • SSL_key- path to the key file

  • time out- controls the time in seconds before the application times out when trying to establish a connection (30 seconds by default)

  • readtimeout- timeout in seconds for attempts to read from the server

  • WriteTimeout- timeout in seconds for attempts to write to the server 

Control buttons

  • "Connect" - connect to the database using the entered parameters

  • "Save" - save connection

  • "Delete connect" - delete a previously saved connection (the connection selected in the "connection list")

To disconnect from the database all connections of the current sheet, click on the button "Disconnect current list"

Object tree

MySQL treeview

Object tree - interface for visualizing the cluster structure, managing objects. 

The root record of the tree structurally consists of the name of the database to which the leaf is connected, the cluster version.

Each sheet creates multiple database connections:

  • connection for displaying information in the object tree

  • connection for executing SQL queries, commands (main process)

  • connection for executing SQL queries, commands (additional process)


MySQL database list

The node displays information about all created databases in the MySQL DBMS. The node is the root node for viewing and managing objects in databases



List of tables in selected MySQL database

MySQL table list

List of tables in the database

select table_name  
 from information_schema.TABLES
where Upper(table_schema)=Upper($$DATABASE)    
order by  1


COLUMN - list of columns in a table with data types

select column_name, data_type  
 from information_schema.COLUMNS 
where table_schema= $$DATABASE_NAME
   and table_name = $$TABLE_NAME
order by ordinal_position

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