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SQL Editor [PLPGSQL] for PostgreSQL

Editor SQL (PL/pgSQL) for DBMS PostgreSQL allows you to quickly and conveniently work with databases. Create them, maintain them and, if necessary, restore them. The editor supports working with server versions PostgreSQL 7.4 and older 

SQL Developer for PostgreSQL

Management Tools

  • Session Manager

  • Blockage monitoring

  • Change settings

  • Role management

  • Tracking unused indexes

  • Finding functions that use a specific table

Development in SQL/PLPGSQL language

CerebroSQL: PostgreSQL developer

Code completion

A convenient SQL/PLPGSQL editor allows you to develop quickly and conveniently.

Code completion allows you to quickly and efficiently write correct code based on catalog metadata.

Action history

The program will save all your actions not only in local storage, but will also duplicate sheet data into files on disk.

CerebroSQL: SQL history
CerebroSQL: SQL code generation

Command generation

The SQL command generator eliminates the need to waste time writing the most commonly used commands, and a structured repository of custom code templates improves productivity.

Query alias technology allows you to create a short name to call an arbitrary query.

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