Local Document Storage

Document storage allows you to organize documentation, instructions for working with different DBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL and others), server settings, any other documents in the form of a structured tree with support for internal links. The repository is versioned, i.e. every time the document is changed, a new snapshot is created.

Documentation is stored in a secure storage built on the baseSQLite

Description of tables "user manual"

Viewing data in tables is possible through the built-in query editor for "SQLite" databases

Manual general


Opening the Document Editor


Main program window - Editors - Documents editor 

Show document editor

Creating Document Tree Nodes

  1. Press the " Create new key in catalog " button

  2. Enter node names in field  " Value "

  3. Press the " Save " button

CerebroSQL - Create new key in catalog.j
CerebroSQL - catalog editor

Document tree formation