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Local Document Storage

Document storage allows you to organize documentation, instructions for working with different DBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL and others), server settings, any other documents in the form of a structured tree with support for internal links. The repository is versioned, i.e. every time the document is changed, a new snapshot is created.

Documentation is stored in a secure storage built on the baseSQLite

Description of tables "user manual"

Viewing data in tables is possible through the built-in query editor for "SQLite" databases

Manual general


Opening the Document Editor

Якорь 1

Main program window - Editors - Documents editor 

Show document editor
Якорь 2

Creating Document Tree Nodes

  1. Press the " Create new key in catalog " button

  2. Enter node names in field  " Value "

  3. Press the " Save " button

CerebroSQL - Create new key in catalog.j
CerebroSQL - catalog editor
Якорь 3

Document tree formation 

Creating Tree Root Entries

  1. Press the button " Insert parent in tree "

  2. In the drop-down list " Parent name " select " root line " and double-click on the desired entry in the field " Parent list "

CerebroSQL - Insert parent in tree
CerebroSQL - add parent row in tree
Якорь 4

Creating child nodes in a tree

  1. Select a node in the tree " Tree the documentation "

  2. Press the button " Insert parent the tree "

  3. Double click on the desired entry in the " Parent list "

CerebroSQL - Insert parent in tree
CerebroSQL - Insert children in tree
Якорь 5

Create a new document

  1. Select a node in the tree " Tree the documentation "

  2. Press the " Create new document " button

  3. Fill in the field " Caption " - the name of the document, displayed in the tree

  4. Enter document text

  5. Save the document by clicking the " Save " button

CerebroSQL - create new document
Якорь 6

Additional Document Options

  1. Press the " Parameter " button

  2. Flag " Exported " - allow document export

  3. The " Locked " flag is a flag for prohibiting changes.

  4. " Key list " - a list of keywords to search

  5. " Information "

    1. An arbitrary set of records of the form " name = value

Якорь 7

Create hyperlinks to other documents


Hyperlinks are used to open other documents from the current one.

  1. There are two ways to get a link to a document

  2. Open the document search window (Button - Search document )

  3. Select the desired document from the list

  4. Press the " Copy link and close " button - the link to the document will be copied to the clipboard

  5. Select text in the document and select " hyperlink " from the context menu

  6. Paste the copied key into the " Address " field

CerebroSQL - hyperlink document

View Document Versions

Якорь 8
  1. Select a document in the tree

  2. In the main window, expand the drop-down list " Version "

  3. Select old document snapshot

  4. The document will be displayed in the main window

CerebroSQL - document version
Якорь 9

Document version control

From the drop-down menu of the "Delete document" button select "Number of document versions"

CerebroSQL - number of document version.
CerebroSQL - number of document version
Якорь 10

Deleting Document Versions

  1. Select in the tree the document whose version needs to be deleted or a directory (it is forbidden to delete non-empty directories)

  2. Press the button " Delete documnet/parent row "

  3. In the opened document deletion wizard, set checks in front of the documents to be deleted

  4. Click the " Delete selected document " button

  5. The deletion status of each document is displayed in the " Status " field

CerebroSQL  - delete documents
Якорь 11

Moving a Document/Node to Another Node

  1. Select document/node in tree

  2. Press " Move document " button

  3. In the window that opens, select a new node

  4. Press " Move " button to transfer

CerebroSQL - move document
Якорь 12

Document Templates

Creating a document template

  1. Select a node in the tree

  2. Press the " Create new document " button

  3. Enter the title of the document in the field " Caption "

  4. Create a document of arbitrary structure

  5. Specify the template parent name (used to group templates in a tree, menu)

  6. Save the template by pressing the button " Save document as template "

CerebroSQL - Example document template
Якорь 13

Change the template

  1. Press the button " List template

  2. In the list of templates, find and select the template you want to change

  3. Press the " Open " button

  4. Without changing the value in the fields " Caption " and " Template owner " make changes to the text of the template

  5. Save Changes

Якорь 14

Deleting a template

  1. Press the button " List template

  2. In the list of templates, find and select the template you want to delete

  3. Press the " Delete " button

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