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Transfer data-lite (ETL)

Transfer data (lite)- it's simple ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) a mechanism for transferring data between different DBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL and others including ODBC connection).

The data transfer wizard allows you to create a task for transferring information between different DBMS (or from/to a file) in a matter of seconds and save it for later use.

ETL manager

Control buttons

Create Sheet
Delete Sheet
Update feature tree
Register node name in directory
Add a child object to the current node in the tree
Delete tree node
Save the data transfer settings of the current sheet as a template
Start data transfer
Stop task
Go out

Tree formation

Tree formation consists of 2 operations

  • Registering the hostname system in the directory

  • Tree filling

Registering in the hostname directory

Press the button "Register node name in directory"

Create new parent row

  1. In field "value" enter entry name

  2. Press the button "Save"

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 as many times as needed

  4. Close a window

Tree formation

  • Select a node in the tree

  • Press the button "Add child object"

Insert child row in tree


  • From the drop-down list, select either the selected node or "root line" (root entry)

  • In field "parent list" select the entry to add

  • Press the button "insert children"

  • Repeat operations if necessary

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