База данных: MySQL


Invert all bits.

The result type depends on whether the bit argument is evaluated as a
binary string or number:

o Binary-string evaluation occurs when the bit argument has a binary
string type, and is not a hexadecimal literal, bit literal, or NULL
literal. Numeric evaluation occurs otherwise, with argument
conversion to an unsigned 64-bit integer as necessary.

o Binary-string evaluation produces a binary string of the same length
as the bit argument. Numeric evaluation produces an unsigned 64-bit

For more information, see the introductory discussion in this section.

URL: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/bit-functions.html


mysql> SELECT 5 & ~1;
-> 4
mysql> SELECT HEX(~X'0000FFFF1111EEEE');
-> 'FFFF0000EEEE1111'