База данных: MySQL

ST_Y(p[, new_y_val])

With a single argument representing a valid Point object p, ST_Y()
returns the Y-coordinate value of p as a double-precision number. As of
MySQL 8.0.12, the Y coordinate is considered to refer to the axis that
appears second in the Point spatial reference system (SRS) definition.

With the optional second argument, ST_Y() returns a Point object like
the first argument with its Y coordinate equal to the second argument.
As of MySQL 8.0.12, if the Point object has a geographic SRS, the
second argument must be in the proper range for longitude or latitude

ST_Y() handles its arguments as described in the introduction to this

URL: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/gis-point-property-functions.html


mysql> SELECT ST_Y(Point(56.7, 53.34));
| ST_Y(Point(56.7, 53.34)) |
| 53.34 |
mysql> SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Y(Point(56.7, 53.34), 10.5));
| ST_AsText(ST_Y(Point(56.7, 53.34), 10.5)) |
| POINT(56.7 10.5) |