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PostgreSQL Database Connection Wizard

The connection wizard allows you to set up a sheet connection to the database and save it for later use

Connection Wizard

Connection manager
Calling the database connection wizard
  • press the button "Show connection manager" in the block "connection control"

  • keyboard shortcut Alt+F2 

Previously saved connections are displayed in the "Connection list"

Creating a new connection - performed in a single connection wizard of the program ("Edit connect" button)
Window margins
  • "Vendor library (libpg.dll)" - full path to the client library to work with PostgreSQL. The default library is ".\DLL\PG\libpg.dll"

  • "group name" - group name in the list. 

  • "Alias*" - unique identifier, displayed in the list of saved connections

  • "server*" - DNS name of the server or its IP address

  • "port"- port of the server on which the listener is running PostgreSQL. The default port is 5432.

  • "database" - the name of the database to connect to. Default: postgres

  • "Login*" - username. 

  • "Password*" - password.

  • "Charset" - encoding, default WIN1251. Supported encodings in 12 versions 

Control buttons
  • "Test connect" - check database connectionPostgreSQLusing the entered parameters

  • "Connect" - connect to the database using the entered parameters


After connecting to the DBMS, the change of the current database is performed, among other things, through the drop-down list "Current database".

To disconnect from the database all connections of the current sheet, click on the button "Disconnect current list"  

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