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Connection tree and control buttons

The database connection manager is a unified storage of connection parameters with databases used by program modules

Connection tree

Control buttons

Control button

Update connection tree

Create node

Add a child to the current node

Create connection

Delete connection/empty directory

Checking Connections

Increase the font of the object tree

Decrease object tree font

Close connection manager

Node creation

Add row

Filling the tree of objects consists of several stages, the first is the registration in the catalog of the names of the nodes from which the tree is built

  1. Press "Create parent" button

  2. In the field "Value" enter the name of the node

  3. Press the "Save" button

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 as many times as necessary to fill the directory with node names

  5. Click the "Close" button to close the window

Create parent

Creating child nodes

Add child

An object tree is a tree-like structure used to group connections.

Tree formation

  1. Select node

  2. Press the "Insert children" button

    1. From the drop-down list "Parent name" select either the current node (default) or "Root line" (the root node)

    2. In the "Parent list" field, select the name of the node to be added

  3. Press the "Insert children" button

insert child in tree

Bulk connection testing

Bulk connection testing implements 2 functions:

  • Checking database connectivity

  • Determination of inaccessible databases

Test order

  • Click the "Check all saved connections" button

  • Confirm test launch

  • Wait for execution and study the report

Important: testing is performed by the main process, therefore, during testing, work in the program will not be possible.

Testing all connect
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