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Query Editor: Control Buttons

Control buttons allow you to perform the main functions of the editor sheet.

control button


  • Execute current SQL - Execute the current selected query or all queries in the sheet

  1. Execute  - similar to pressing a button

  2. To run the script from a file  - execute script from disk. The script is not loaded into the editor.

  3. Check the script file for validate  - check the script on the disk for correctness without executing it

  4. Show a list of commands to execute  - parse commands in the editor into execution blocks. Displays the internal code and text of a single command

  • Commit  - commit changes

  • Rollback  - roll back changes made to the data by the last requests

  • stop execute  - stop the execution of the current request

  • Close open cursor  - close the current dataset

  • show plan  - show the execution plan of the selected query

  • Export data in file  - uploading the grid data (the visible part of the data) to a file on disk

    1. Export data in XLS  - upload data to a file in XLS format

    2. Export data in TXT  - upload data to a file in TXT format

    3. Export data in CSV  - upload data to a CSV file

    4. Export data in HTML  - upload data to a file in HTML format

    5. Export data in RTF  - upload data to a file in RTF format

  • Save current list in file  - save the contents of the current sheet to a file on disk

  • open file  - open file manager

  • List saving code  - open the code block creation manager. Code blocks are code constructs stored in the program, accessed from the button's drop-down menu.

  • System view description - description of Oracle DBMS system views (only for Oracle sheets)

  • Load completion data - load metadata into memory. information about tables, views, packages, functions, and procedures is loaded. The data is used for the code hint when displaying hints when writing SQL/PLSQL code. The button is used in the mode of manual loading of metadata

  • project manager  - open project manager

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