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Query editor workspace

The workspace is that field on the sheet for entering queries/commands.

Splitting code into component parts

The query editor engine, before executing commands, parses the code, determining the constituent parts.

Special characters are used to separate code (; - semicolon, / - slash, go - keyword on a separate line).

The program supports two code syntaxes
  • Classic syntax  Oracle : The ; character is used to separate commands from each other. (semicolon) excluding commands  create, begin, declare  - these commands are separated from others by the character / (slash) on a separate line

  • Syntax  MSSQL Server : Use the go keyword on a separate line to separate commands from each other

It is allowed to use either of the two syntaxes, including both at the same time

workspace - sql command execute

Logging of performed operations

The text of any SQL command/query is stored in local storage after execution ( Core base - C$QUERY_HISTORY table ). The database records: the text of the request/command of the program actually executed by the core, execution status, execution time, number of lines changed, database messages (output)

query history - show sql
query history - show output


In addition to saving data in the database, the progress of each command is recorded on the tab "messages" sheet: 

  • command execution status

  • lead time

  • line numbers in the editor on which the executed command is located

Tab data is cleared before running commands

query history - messages
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